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With SmartHomeSDK, you can create your own smart home platform easily and fast.

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Support Z-Wave, Zigbee and regular RF(433Mhz, 345Mhz, 319Mhz) communication protocols.


Create your smart home platform based on our cloud or create your own.

Ease of Use

APIs are built on HTTPS and GRPC technologies.

Full Features

Scenes, Actions and Automations support.

Offline Control

Still works even without internet connection.


Easy to extend to support massive gateways.

How it works

Build your own smart home solutions without the need to create the cloud, the App and the gateway, we can provide everything you need.

Flexible hardware(gateway or controller).

Flexible cloud infrastructure based on your volume.

We help to build your App tailor to your needs.

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Straightforward APIs

APIs are created using HTTPS and GRPC technologies, which are pretty straightforward to understand and easy to use.

Full documentation and APIs support.

Demo App (created using React Native) and code snippets.

Development forum support.

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Focus on what matters most, leave the coding to us